SMART Brain Agility Training

Learn to work fast across a range of problem types

SMART Brain Training for Personal, Professional and Educational use

Brain Agility for Task Switching Skills

The ability for our brain to perform task switching is crucial to intellectual ingenuity. The ability to work fast across a range of problem types is central to good intellectual performance.

The RaiseYourIQ brain agility game will challenge you to switch between training stages on each problem-solving task - requiring you to change strategy at short intervals. You chose a series of stages to work with. The more you chose the more challenging it will be. Plus, chose a time limit for your responding, to enhance your fluency at the same time.

This game will help you increase the ease, speed and flexibility with which you process information. It also works to help your vocabulary, verbal reasoning skills and the ability to perform routine mathematical functions.

Brain agility training will provide you with the brain fitness and flexibility skills to learn, think and process information easy and. Learn to use the drivers required to optimize your brain’s performance and neuro-flexibility.

The Brain Agility for Task Switching Skills was created by our own team of professional psychologists to help you test your mental capacity and challenge your brain. Start today for free!


Anyone can boost their brain power. Psychologists and science know that our brains are malleable, meaning the brain can absorb new learnings, new information and increase IQ by exercising your mind. Memory loss or decline is not an inevitable part of the ageing process. Sending your brain on a training course will boost its power to remember, think, decide, act and learn. Engage your brain with exercises like N-Back (free with SMART brain training or our "Brain Agility" game on RaiseYourIQ. Both are designed to improve working memory. A few sessions a week will not only build your brain cognitive functions but also has been scientifically proven to increase intelligence levels.

Cognitive learning is your ability to acquire or learn new things and then the ability to process, reason, retain and relate this new information into your everyday life or education. Learning is about "Thinking using your Brain", so the fitter the brain is to process information, the better your thinking, problem solving and cognitive skills. Cognitive learning works to underpin academic learning and your intelligence levels by improving a child's or adults’ mental capabilities which opens up the brains ability to successfully learn new information and concepts like science, math, languages, formulas etc.

Brain training exercises improve concentration, focus and memory. At RaiseYourIQ we see improving concentration as learning a skill which requires practice whether it is for school, business, work or help with everyday life. The RaiseYourIQ brain training games will work to improve concentration, focus and memory are "Brain Speed" and "Brain Memory". Our users will see a big improvement in these cognitive areas after 4 to 8 weeks brain training. Over the training period the brain learns to ignore distractions, prioritize information and focus on detail plus a marked improvement in the brains attention skills which are needed to improve working memory. Upon completion of the SMART brain training, the brain is more productive, and tests will prove an improvement in IQ by 20-50 points.