KidStarter Brain Training

A tool to accelerate the development of basic relational skills in kids


SMART Brain Training for Personal, Professional and Educational use

The KidStarter SMART Training

KidStarter SMART Training is designed to bridge the gap between early language development (age 4+) and the ability to undertake regular SMART brain training.

It prepares younger users (mental age 4-9) for SMART training by accelerating the development of basic relational skills but using non-arbitrary stimuli such as pictures of toys and household objects in the place of the “random” syllables used in SMART training.

The brain training is also useful for older children with language delays or other learning challenges. It remediates basic relational reasoning so that the user is prepared to undergo SMART training in an efficient way.

KidStarter training requires that the child be guided by a professional, teacher or other caregiver, as each task may require reading and explanation. A caregiver should help the user to understand each task and guide them towards the correct answer, short of telling them what to do.

Remember, much is to be learned from getting answers to the relational reasoning tasks wrong, so there is merit in pushing ahead even when the user is not fully confident that their answers are correct.

There are five stages to the training, that must be undertaken in turn. As in regular SMART training, users are encouraged to revise passed stages often


Parents may wonder is brain training suitable for children and students to help improve IQ or to assist them in their education. The idea that our Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is an inherited trait that is fixed for life is a common but mistaken one. The RaiseYourIQ intellectual skills intervention is called SMART training (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training). We do not teach children and students anything that they can use in their examinations (e.g., how to multiply, the capital of Canada). Instead a RaiseYourIQ course will teach the foundational reasoning skills crucial to vocabulary acquisition and mathematical reasoning. In effect, we are giving kids, students and adults the tools to learn more effectively. Moreover, our training re-mediates deficits in these skills bases that cannot be taught at school efficiently without extensive one-to-one assistance, plus SMART can even help children to catch up to and even surpass the population average in intellectual ability. The SMART brain training course can act as a springboard from which future learning occurs across all age groups.

Our KidStarter learning game will teach a any child a range of cognitive skills so they can learn easier across a broad spectrum of curriculum topics. Brain training as a learning game will help kids not just with improving their IQ but also with reading, language, mathematics and problem solving. Before kids learn, we believe as parents and teachers we should teach kids HOW to learn. How to learn involves training the brain how to reason, absorb information and improve working memory. The KidStarter brain training game has been developed to help children of all intellectual ability to reach their true ability.

Brain training is a proven therapy for ADHD and ADD. In a recent study, eight educationally challenged children started the SMART brain training program with an average IQ of 82 (using the WISC IV), well below the average score of around 100. Following the intervention, these IQs were moved on average to 96, well within the average IQ range. Furthermore, in follow up tests SMART Brain training was proven to have a lasting effect on alleviating ADHD within this study group. We work with kids, parents, teachers and psychologists to deliver our brain training intervention skills either in a classroom, clinical or home setting. Contact us for a free trial or any questions you may have.