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SMART training teaches kids how to learn at school

  • 28-Nov-2019

SMART training at RaiseYourIQ.com increases kids’ ability to learn and can significantly raise IQ as measured on standard IQ tests. SMART training targets the newly discovered cognitive bases of a wide range of intellectual skills, including reading, writing , and arithmetic. Numerous scientific papers have now shown that the intellectual skills a kid needs to master in order to do well at school can be easily taught. These crucial skills are called relational skills, and were discovered by an international team of psychologists from the field of [Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)](http://www.abainternational.org/). Several books have now been published on the [benefits of relational training for both typically developing kids](http://www.amazon.com/Relational-Frame-Theory-Post-Skinnerian-Cognition/dp/0306466007/) and [kids struggling at school](http://www.amazon.com/Relational-Responding-Applications-Developmental-Disabilities/dp/1572245360/). Thousands of children worldwide have benefited from relational training programs. Several published studies have also proven this to be the case (for example https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1041608016300231?via%3Dihub). See our scientific evidence page for published examples. SMART simply takes the latest relational training techniques developed by the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, and delivers them in an affordable and convenient on-line package. Whether a kid is doing fine in school, is a genius, has a low IQ, or has learning problems, such as dyslexia, or general developmental delay, SMART training will improve their ability to learn and lead to improved general intellectual functioning. Homework and school can be easier, once the basic intellectual skills EVERY kids needs to master have been mastered using SMART training. * Make your kid’s homework easier. * Improve your kid’s school grades. * Help your kid reach their true intellectual potential.