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Feb 02, 2023

Intelligence is NOT fixed for life

You’ve probably heard that your IQ cannot be changed.  But that is not strictly true. By Professor Bryan Roche You ha

Dec 06, 2022

The Intelligence Delusion: Why the existence of a single intelligence factor is an unsustainable myth.

The idea that intelligence, or g, is a fixed internal trait is disappearing in a puff of logic … and data. By Professor Br

Sep 01, 2022

Independent Meta Analysis finds positive effects for SMART training

Peer-reviewed independent Meta Analysis finds positive effects for SMART training A new independent peer-reviewed study examining

Mar 30, 2021

Creating better contexts for cognitive development

A new article by Dr. Ian Tyndall of the Univerisity of Chichester outlines why the Relational Frame Theory-based SMART approach is

Feb 19, 2021

NHS funded RCT into “SMART” intervention

Dr. Bryan Roche, of the Department of Psychology, MU is co-applicant on a recent successful bid for a National Institute for Healt

Jan 19, 2021

Cognitive science converging on idea that relational reasoning is core to human cognition, research shows

A recent press release by the Univeristy of Chichester reports on research in modern cognitive science are now converging on the i

Jun 25, 2020

SMART training really can work to increase Intelligence: Association for Behavior Analysis International Blog

A recent Blog posted on the website of  the Association for Behavior Analysis International explains how SMART training

Jun 05, 2020

Dr. Shane McLoughlin talks about his hopes for SMART Training

In the following podcast you can listen to the People Soup interview with Dr. Shane McLoughlin, SMART researcher at John

Jun 03, 2020

Dr. Bryan Roche addresses International Conference on SMART success story

SMART research was featured heavily at this year's Association for Behavior Analysis International convention in Washington D.C wi