The RaiseYourIQ Suite Of Cognitive Enhancement And Emotional Flexibility Training Tools

Our scientifically proven solutions help to enhance general cognitive skills, increase educational aptitude, and assist with various emotional difficulties


This is our flagship and empirically supported cognitive brain training tool.

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Prepares younger users for SMART training.

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A "cognitive defusion" tool to help users cope with a range of difficult personal issues.

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Increase relational skills across multiple levels of complexity simultaneously.

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Increase the fluency of your relational and task-switching skills.

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This game targets working memory in problem solving

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Help with verbal sequencing, letter discrimination issues and visual processing difficulties.

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A range of mindfulness meditations to help with a range of personal issues.

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The dual n-back system has been proven in published research to enhance working memory.

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SMART Brain Training for Personal, Professional and Educational use


  • Our relational skill training system is based on a revolutionary approach to psychology known as Relational Frame Theory with which the developers are closely associated.

  • Training involves a series of games, puzzles and challenges to help children and adults become expert in a range of critical cognitive skills, called Relational Skills. These skills underlie just about everything we do in school, business, at work and in normal day-to-day decision making and problem-solving.

  • Enhancing foundational skills using our system worked out in over a decade of laboratory and published research, leads to improvments in numerical and verbal reasoning, as well as other forms of abstract reasoning.

How SMART Works

Our cognitive skills training tools are based on a revolutionary approach to understanding intellectual development (Relational Frame Theory) that has been researched and published in reputable scientific journals and books over the past two decades.

SMART training involves teaching users to solve an increasingly difficult set of logical reasoning tasks at an increasing speed in a gamified environment across many game levels. These basic reasoning skills are key to the development and enhancement of a wide range of cognitive abilities and will assist in the mastery of important skills such as mathematics, reading, logical reasoning, and problem solving.

Training is tailored to users of all levels from young children to high IQ adults. Simply chose your own training pathway in your settings (e.g., child aged 8-10, advanced adult).

An IQ estimate test is provided before and after training, and one estimate test can also be taken at any point during training.

Fun bonus games are also available to allow users to do more casual SMART training on the side between formal training sessions (e.g., Brian Speed).

For professional users, a SMART KidStarter game is available to assist younger users, or oder users with developmental delay, to prepare for the full SMART training programme.

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Enhance brain health & cognitive fitness

Our cognitive skills training and brain training method is based on the scientific evidence that relational skills underlie most forms of intelligence. Our solutions help to enhance relational skills, so that working memory, performance, learning and IQ are significantly enhanced.

The Academic Research Team behind RaiseYourIQ has helped to develop a widely used theory of cognitive development known as Relational Frame Theory and have harnessed the vast evidence base for this theory to deliver the most powerful brain training tool ever produced.

SMART is the only brain training tool in the world to be supported by published scientific research from several independent laboratories. No other tool has been proven in the scientific literature to significantly enhance general intelligence or educational aptitude.

Smart Brain Training

SMART brain training is a scientifically developed breakthrough in educational training. Find out more

BRAIN Health Matters

Children, adults, seniors, families and schools all use our training to learn easier and faster. Find out more


SMART is based on the new scientific discovery that "relational skills" underlie most forms of intellectual activity. Find out more

SCHOOL Brain Training

SMART brain training is a scientifically developed breakthrough in educational training. Find out more