SMART Brain Training Game

Built By Clinicians. Made For Kids.

SMART Brain Training Game

Built By Clinicians. Made For Kids.

Want to know your IQ Estimate?

Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

Our scientifically proven intelligence training games enhance cognitive skills and increase educational aptitude.

Rooted in our SMART method and backed by numerous independent scientific studies, we know that school children have benefitted from clinically significant gains in IQ and educational ability simply by playing RaiseYourIQ game 2 to 3 times per week for 30 to 40 minutes per session over 4 months.

One published study reported an average IQ gain of 23 points! Gains of around 10 to 12 points can be reasonably expected – enough to move your IQ to another level (e.g., below average to average, average to above average or above average to gifted). Using ANY OTHER method, proven IQ gains do not exceed 2 to 3 points.  

RaiseYourIQ brain training game improves problem-solving, decision-making and rational thinking

RaiseYourIQ brain training game stimulates activity in the temporal lobe of the brain, in a specific region known as Wernicke’s area. This part of the brain helps with verbal processing and reasoning. Learning to reason in terms of how words and symbols are related also activates the prefrontal cortex, an area associated with high-level mental activity, problem-solving, and planning. By providing the opportunity for the further development of these critical brain areas, our scientifically developed RaiseYourIQ brain training exercises supercharge kids’ verbal reasoning skills and enhances mathematical reasoning and general intelligence.

How It Works

Backed by 10+ years of Clinical Research!

How To Play

Step 1: Have Fun!

Step 2: Earn Badges

Step 3: Advance Levels

Step 4: Earn Bonus Points

Step 5: Raise Your IQ

Dr. Sarah Cassidy & Dr. Bryan Roche explain the basics of SMART training designed by RaiseYourIQ

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Play RaiseYourIQ© To Experience:

> Significant IQ gains and improvements in educational aptitude

> Improved numerical reasoning, vocabulary and verbal ability 

> Reduced Dyslexic symptoms/tendencies

End The Homework Struggle!

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