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What is SMART Brain Training

RaiseYourIQ offers a series of educational tools Programs designed to assist students with regular learning and developmental challenges. Our tools can be used by schools who wish to enhance the cognitive ability of children aged approximately 9+ years. Tools include our Classic and scientifically validated SMART training, bonus fun games for SMART training on the move on mobile or other devices, and our new SMART FOR DYSLEXIA training programme based on the the proven SMART methodology.

We are involved with several research initiatives on learning and childhood development in schools and clinics across the world, much of it led by University faculty.

SMART™ (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training) is a revolutionary cognitive enhancement system developed by our own scientific researchers and company co-founders, Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy. The founders of RaiseYourIQ are established University-based researchers in the behavioral and cognitive sciences and have had their scientific work on learning and cognition published across a wide range of reputable scientific journals.

SMART is the only system of “brain training”, that has been proven to enhance general intelligence and its components, as well as reading ability, numerical ability and educational aptitude, across several independent peer-reviewed scientific studies from different laboratories, using several different assessment methods. See our Science section for more information.

SMART™ also enhances working memory and so can help with attentional issues and other learning disabilities. A strong working memory is essential as a building block for the acquisition of important skills, such as reading comprehension, problem solving and cognitive flexibility.

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Schools can chose from three default payment options for 40, 60 or 150 credits. Each credit is enough for one user for one full month to access all the training games available to school users. Most children require around 4 months of access to SMART training to get the full benefits (i.e., 4 credits). Thus,120 credits are typically enough for a class of 30 children.

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