Brain Training Questions

Is brain training just for doing IQ tests?

No. Brain training is about giving you the skills to learn better whether for school,business or professionally. Nothing in the RaiseYourIQ brain training course looks anything like a question on an IQ test, and we focus on training our users in the relational skills they will need in order to think more intelligently. However, our users experience dramatic IQ rises after completing our SMART brain training course, because they are better able to understand and answer complex logical questions of any type whether for education,business or life learning.

How long does it take to complete the brain training course?

You should target to complete the brain training course in a three to six month time-frame depending on your schedule and progress. Think of our brain training program as you would any education or skills improvement course. The RaiseYourIQ SMART brain training course has been designed by our psychologists and educational team as an educational skills program. RaiseYourIQ platform includes IQ assessments,feedback and measuring your progress from start to finish.

SMART brain training teaches people how to learn.
We help our students to complete the course, improve their IQ levels and bring this new found brain health into their everyday lives; be it for work,school or self improvement. The first 15 stages are absolutely free with no credit card required plus it also includes the free assessment to check your current IQ level.
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SMART brain training for intellectual improvement

The SMART brain training course teaches core relational skills across modules that will improve memory, intellectual cognition plus the raise the user's skills in;
- Using vocabulary
- Understanding word meaning
- Grasping basic and advanced logic
- Remembering information
- Using numbers for mathematics

Will I be learning maths or reading if I sign up for SMART?

No! SMART brain training is a problem solving course involving a series of games – the problems are short and logical. What SMART does is teach you how to learn and how to think clearly and logically. We don’t actually teach you any information about maths or anything else!. But SMART makes learning and understanding everything much easier.

What are Brain Training Exercises?

Brain training exercises are designed to improve the ability of the brain to learn faster and easier. Brain training exercises are similar to revision sessions in school or on a business presentation. Revision is about being asked to repeat and re-learn information, facts, and formulas. The difference in a brain training session is that the focus is on strengthening the weak areas of the brain. So brain training exercises really challenge the brain by gradually building up the complexity of the lessons over time. Here is an example of a brain training exercise. Try it for yourself.

If an object B is larger than another object C,and an object A is larger than B, and an object D is smaller than object C, is D less than or more than A?
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Brain Training Free?

Yes. RaiseYourIQ offers anyone 2 ways to get brain training free lessons. The first way is to sign-up for a free trial. The first 15 lessons on the SMART brain training course are free which includes an IQ assessment test, apart from your email address no other information or credit card is required. Most of our students find this the easiest way to experience how brain training will help raise IQ levels and improve intelligence.The second way is to download our "brain training free lessons" from our blog. This brain training is a series of questions in a PDF document that you can print off. No registration or information is required, just download and start working that brain fit. Click here Brain Training Free Lessons

Can Brain Training Help Seniors

Published research shows that brain training can help seniors and adults to maintain a healthy brain. Psychologists and neuroscience insights show that brain cell connections really do grow in response to stimulation and that stimulated brain areas are measurably better developed as a result. SMART brain training is also helping people with early Alzheimer's disease to retain cognitive functions. Scientists have documented that brain training of deeper level thinking carries over into untrained brain areas allowing seniors and adults to more effectively assimilate, manage and utilize information. This shows how tied together brain health and physical health are. People of all ages are finding that brain training provides benefits for a robust brain function and also preventing cognitive decline.

Can I Increase my Intelligence?

People who have completed the SMART brain training course have seen an average 20-50 point increase in intelligence or IQ (in both formal IQ tests and IQ assessments). The whole principal and science behind RaiseYourIQ is teaching people how to learn easier. So mathematics, reasoning,problem solving memory recall and verbal comprehension become easier to understand hence working the brain fitter. The proof of this process lies in taking a pre and post IQ assessment test which is free at RaiseYourIQ. Many of our users take SMART brain training to help in education, exams, work tests and IQ tests like MENSA.

How does Brain Training work?

Brain training works to enhance intelligence (IQ) along with other cognitive abilities. What separates SMART brain training is our scientific research into the very specific tasks that stimulate the brain in such a way that it leads to improvements in general brain health and intellectual functioning. Research in the field of Relational Frame Theory (Hayes, Barnes-Holmes & Roche, 2001) has shown that understanding relations, such as more than, less than, opposite, same, before, after, here-there, amongst others, is crucial for intellectual development in just about every sphere. In fact, they are so crucial that researchers have reported in published scientific research papers that we can measure intelligence simply in terms of one’s ability to understand these relations (or what we call “relational ability”). RaiseYourIQ brain training is a skills focused course as it teaches a range of crucial relational skills and brings our relational skills to expert levels, so that all intellectual tasks come easier. SMART brain training gives people the ability to learn faster and better, it helps new information make more sense, and helps the brain think more clearly.

What are Brain Games?

Brain games or brain training games is an education method using gamification to improve IQ or intelligence in kids or adults. While the brain training is delivered in a game format, the underlying science uses research based data that transforms psychology developed learning tools into games that trains the brain to learn better,faster and absorb information quicker. At RaiseYourIQ we see brain games as more educational than entertainment. The SMART brain training games are based on clear evidence that living in an enriched environment with lots of mental stimulation produces positive brain changes. So brain training games are a series of questions,puzzles and exercises to work the brain over a period of time with the end result of improving intelligence.

Why increase my intelligence or IQ?

Intelligence is defined at the ability to learn, understand and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason. Being intelligent means having the ability to acquire and use knowledge for solving problems and adapting to the world. IQ is simply the unit of measure for expressing the results of intelligence tests. Specifically, IQ is the ratio of a subject’s mental age (as determined by their performance on an intelligence scale) and chronological age. There are many types of intelligence, but only standard IQ predicts your success at school and in work. In fact people with higher IQ scores complete more years in school and have higher status jobs. Recent research has also found that people with higher IQs are also happier and healthier. While you do not need to have a high IQ for its own sake, improving your intellectual ability will help you deal more effectively with school and work challenges, as well as make decisions and solve everyday problems more easily.

How can I contact RaiseYourIQ?

If you cannot find an answer to your brain training questions the quickest way to get a response is the form on the contact us page. Please note that we cannot answer questions regarding individual psychological conditions or learning profiles or offer any kind of psychological advice on line. Please consult your local psychological services if you need guidance on learning disabilities, require psychological assessments and to understand how RaiseYourIQ could benefit. Contact RaiseYourIQ

Why do you ask profile questions?

It is very important that we ask our customers to provide certain information that will help us to provide the best possible training service. Remember, the SMART Brain Training course is tailored to each user, so without your profile information we cannot deliver the most effective training for you, and we cannot improve our services and products for other users. You can alter your profile at any stage by choosing from the drop down menu under the Account link at the top of the RaiseYourIQ home page.

Can my gifted child benefit from SMART?

Gifted children often present with as many difficulties as children with lower than average IQ's because typical education systems are targeted at the average range individual. So while a gifted child may already have a very high level of intellectual skills, they may not be expert at organizing their knowledge, at sequencing information or at sustaining attention for long periods of time. Thus they may be able to provide accurate answers, but they may not always be able to provide these answers quickly and succinctly. SMART trains the user in a range of key intellectual skills to a very high level of precision and speed, thus making even a gifted child more fluent at responding to the challenges in their environment.

Is it really possible to increase intelligence?

We were once told that intelligence or IQ was fixed for life. However, years of research by doctors and psychologists has lead to the discovery of the importance of relational skills to intelligence and it took several more years to by scientists to figure out how best to teach these skills. Today we know that IQ can in fact be increased by quite a degree. There have also been considerable advances in neuroscience in recent years, that have led psychologists to conclude that the brain itself can be made “fitter” with training and can respond and adapt to improved learning opportunities. Even leading authorities, such as Professor Robert Sternberg, now agree that IQ can be raised.