Our revolutionary brain training games and exercises were developed by RaiseYourIQ co-founders Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy, who are scientists and experts in the clinical field. These games are designed to help children and adults of all intellectual skill levels and abilities, including those who encounter learning and developmental challenges. Additionally, they empower gifted children to perform beyond their IQ level. The same may be true for adults. One study indicated that high IQ adults also experienced additional gains in their overall intelligence.


SMART is the only “brain training” system in the world scientifically proven to enhance children’s overall intelligence.

Numerous independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies, employing various assessment methods, have consistently reported remarkable enhancements in young learners’ skills including reading, numeracy, and educational aptitude.

Furthermore, SMART enhances working memory, which proves beneficial for addressing attention deficit disorders and an array of learning disabilities. A robust working memory serves as a foundational element for acquiring essential competencies like reading, problem-solving, and cognitive flexibility—defined as the brain’s capacity to adapt to new, changing, or unforeseen circumstances and manage multitasking.

Over the years I tried to learn languages and some new skills with mixed results, a friend suggested I try brain training exercises to act as a learning foundation. In the 3 months it took to complete the RaiseYourIQ course I have seen improvements in both my IQ levels and my ability to absorb information.


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  1. Select the RaiseYourIQ game you want to play from the Games menu. Choose your difficulty level for our Classic RaiseYourIQ game in Account Settings.
  2. Begin with the IQ Estimate assessment and a RaiseYourIQ training practice round (takes approximately 10 minutes to complete). Ensure you block enough time so that you can concentrate on the test! This will give your realistic IQ score estimate, compared to your age group. We will need this to calculate your IQ gain after mastering the game.
  3. Each level displays a series of logical puzzles for you to complete by clicking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ within a set time limit.
  4. You will get feedback after every puzzle to help you improve. Once you master a particular type of logical puzzle, you will take a quick test to see if you can solve similar puzzles on your own without feedback. Additional practice rounds might be needed to pass the test and complete the level.
  5. RaiseYourIQ brain training games adapt to your skill level in real-time, offering further training and testing if required to help you complete the game. The game is also optimized to jump ahead whenever it recognizes you are finding the challenges too easy.
  6. Logical challenges become progressively harder as you move through each level and self-optimize to accommodate your pace of learning.
  7. With just 30 to 40 minutes of play each session, a few times per week, you can expect to experience noticeable and measurable intellectual improvement within 12 weeks.
  8. Upon completing all 55 stages of the RaiseYourIQ game, you will receive another IQ Estimate assessment* to measure your level of improvement. Players can also take an additional IQ assessment at any stage during training to see how they are progressing.

*No two versions of the IQ Estimate assessment are identical and no two users will get the same test questions. Therefore practicing the test in advance of taking it will not help increase your IQ estimate. 



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