NHS funded RCT into “SMART” intervention

Research project grant to examine the efficacy of SMART brain training in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis patients.

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Dr. Bryan Roche, of the Department of Psychology, MU is co-applicant on a recent successful bid for a National Institute for Health Research (NHS) research project grant to examine the efficacy of SMART intellectual Skill training for alleviating some of the cognitive impacts of Multiple Sclerosis. The SMART programme was developed within the Department of Psychology at MU by Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy, and is currently offered online by RaiseYourIQ.com.  

On the back of a series of recent independently published studies into the efficacy of this programme for increasing general cognitive ability, the current project will consist of a randomised controlled trial of SMART in the treatment of MS patients under the care of the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. The project is lead by Dr. Nima Moghaddam at the University of Lincoln.  

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