Creating Better Contexts for Cognitive Training & Development

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Article by Dr. Ian Tyndall outlines why the SMART approach is creating better contexts for cognitive training and development.

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Cognitive Training

A new article by Dr. Ian Tyndall of the University of Chichester outlines why the Relational Frame Theory-based SMART cognitive training approach is our only real promise of a tool to enhance intellectual ability. 

The article covers the following topics:

  • Research-practice gap
  • ‘Learning styles’
  • Working memory capacity
  • Ideas with little emperical support persist and cost money
  • Your ‘lizard brain’
  • ‘Intelligence’ as a set of behaviours: Relational Frame Theory
  • Research studies exploring the SMART programme
  • ‘Intelligence’ is a key concern for EPs
  • Collaboration across disciplines

See the article here.

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