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Independent Meta Analysis finds positive effects for SMART training

  • 01-Sep-2022

Peer-reviewed independent Meta Analysis finds positive effects for SMART training

A new independent peer-reviewed study examining the effects of SMART training in intellectual ability across all published studies to date, has found that SMART is a promising new intervention by which to raise IQ.  The study conducted by Dr. Richard May and colleagues at the Univerusty of South Wales used a well established meta-analytic method to assess teh reliability of all publushed studies to date, eliminating studiues from the anlysis for even minor questionable methodological or conflict of interest issues. The systemtic review identifed five strong studies that could be considered reliable.  Because studies have used different measures of intelligence, reliable conclusions could only be drawn about a proven moderate effect on verbal IQ (a near perfect correlate of overall IQ).  It is important to poont out however, that no such promising effects have been observed for any other method of increasing intellectial ability.  The full paper can be found here 

May, R., Tyndall, I., McTiernan, A., Roderique-Davies, G. & McLoughlin, S. (2022).  The Impact of the SMART Program on Cognitive and Academic Skills: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.  British Journal of Educational Technology. 53, 1244-1261.