SMART Training for Dyslexia

Reduce the cognitive symptoms of dyslexia

SMART Brain Training for Personal, Professional and Educational use


SMART for Dyslexia. We have developed a version of our flagship SMART brain training especially for people with verbal sequencing, or letter discrimination issues and visual processing speed difficulties which are often associated with dyslexic readers. SMART training for Dyslexia teaches fluency in word discrimination and basic sentence grammar principles at the same time.

The SMART for dyslexia training works to reduce the cognitive symptoms of dyslexia that result from cognitive impairment. Research and academic studies show that dyslexia is a condition that makes learning to read and write difficult for millions of people around the world. By reducing the symptoms of dyslexia, our users can improve their daily activities whether at school, in work or in their everyday personal lives.

SMART brain training for dyslexia is founded in research and scientific validation by independent entities.

Note: SMART does not treat dyslexia but works to improve cognitive skills affected by this disorder.


SMART is not like any other form of brain training, and at RaiseYourIQ we use the term "cognitive skills training”, or a behavioural training course.
We have explicitly designed a version of SMART brain training for helping people with dyslexia. Two people with dyslexia who completed our most recent study had their diagnoses professionally revised in follow up assessments after completing our brain training course. Their reading improved so much that a diagnosis of Dyslexia was no longer applicable. This is because Dyslexia is a relational skill problem involving a lowered ability to sequence words and letters in the correct order. SMART brain training for dyslexia makes users expert in paying attention to the order in which words and letters are presented, and in thinking logically as they read complicated questions.

How long does Brain Training take to complete? Yes, children with both general and specific learning difficulties can use and benefit from the SMART brain training program. Children with a whole host of developmental difficulties will also benefit from this program.
SMART brain training is an intellectual skills training program that improves the basic cognitive skills we all need to function at our peak. All users start their training with different levels of intellectual ability, but SMART adapts to each user’s learning pace so that each user progresses at exactly the right pace in reaching their full intellectual potential.
The generic SMART training and SMART training for Dyslexia is designed with every type of user in mind, so users with any type of learning difficulty should benefit from the program in a general way.
We have studies to show how SMART can help greatly to improve the intellectual functioning of people with such disorders (e.g., dyslexia, ADHD).

Brain training is a proven therapy for ADHD and ADD. In a recent study, eight educationally challenged children started the SMART brain training program with an average IQ of 82 (using the WISC IV), well below the average score of around 100. Following the intervention, these IQs were moved on average to 96, well within the average IQ range. Furthermore, in follow up tests SMART Brain training was proven to have a lasting effect on alleviating ADHD within this study group. We work with kids, parents, teachers and psychologists to deliver our brain training intervention skills either in a classroom, clinical or home setting.