What is SMART and RaiseYourIQ?

Yes, because SMART brain training will raise the general intelligence of an above average child, althoiugh research shows that the benefit diminsihes as the child exceeds a starting IQ of around 120 (i.e., "genius").   Ongoing increases are possible because there is no limit to how relationally skilled someone can become. To ensure ongoing benefits, out users are encouraged to regularly revise stages of training that they have already mastered.  This helps them become more accurate and faster in solving problems. Even after completion they can continue to revise training at their own convenience. Our child users typically attain at least a typical adult level of logical reasoning and ability following their training regardless of starting age.

The SMART brain training makes users expert in logical reasoning to a level that is well beyond that of the average adult. Your current IQ can always be higher and SMART is useful no matter what your starting intelligence level. This is because there is no limit to how relationally skilled a user can become. Our brain training course allows infinite improvement because users are encouraged to regularly revise stages of training that they have already mastered, so they not only become more accurate in their answers to our questions, but also become faster in solving problems. Even after completion, users can continue to train at their own convenience.

At the beginning of your SMART brain training we ask every user to take what we call a Relational Abilities Index. This test has been devised in published laboratory research to give us a reliable approximate measure of your intelligence.

This test takes around 10 minutes to complete.

When SMART brain training is completed after several weeks (approximately 10-12 weeks) we again assess users using the Relational Abilities Index in order to calculate their intellectual improvement.  

 Users can also take one extra assessment at any point during theri training.

The SMART Brain Training systemis based on over a decade of peer-reviewed published scientiifc research conduced by several independent research teams.  Several published studies have proven that the better your relational skills, the higher your IQ will be. Several other published studies have shown how SMART sucessfully improves relational skills.  The range of IQ rises we see following training are typically enough for a slow learner to be re-classified as typical, or for a typical individual to be reclassified as above average. Please read our Scientific Evidence for more information on SMART Brain Training and a research publication list.


- Strengthening
- Mental Abilities with
- Relational Training
SMART has been developed by prominent researchers in the behavioral psychology field over many years.  The founders of RaiseYourIQ are all Doctorate level psychologists. They continue their work and research in this field today and work in clincial and Univeristy settings. We have not borrowed the SMART science from the experts. We ARE the experts!

SMART brain training helps you to become expert in some critical cognitive skills, called Relational Skills. These skills underlie just about everything you do in school, at work and in normal day-to-day decision making and problem-solving. For further reading on the scientific basis of SMART, you can search online for articles on Relational Frame Theory.

RaiseYourIQ is lead by its co-founders; Dr. Sarah Cassidy, Dr. Elle Kirsten and Professor Bryan Roche, all of whom are published authors in the fields of psychology, psychotheraoy and education.  The SMART method was developed at Maynooth Univeristy in Ireand where Bryan Roche and Sarah Cassidy worked as academics and researchers over many years.  The company is led by Dr Elle Kirsten who also holds a Phd in the behavioral science of relational skills training.  RaiseYourIQ is teh trading name of Academic Freedomw Ltd, a company registered in Ireland and holding an intellectual property licence from Maynooth Univeristy,

SMART works to enhance general cognitive cognitive abilities. What differentiates SMART brain training is our scientific research into the very specific tasks that it leads to improvements in general intellectual functioning. Research in the field of Relational Frame Theory (Hayes, Barnes-Holmes & Roche, 2001) has shown that understanding relations, such as more than, less than, opposite, same, before, after, here-there, amongst others, is crucial for intellectual development in just about every sphere. In fact, they are so crucial that researchers have reported in published scientific research papers that we can measure intelligence simply in terms of one’s ability to understand these relations (or what we call “relational ability”). RaiseYourIQ brain training is a skills focused course as it teaches a range of crucial relational skills and brings our relational skills to expert levels, so that all intellectual tasks come easier. SMART brain training gives people the ability to learn faster and better, it helps new information make more sense, and helps us think more clearly.