N-Back Training

Dual N Back Training for fluid intelligence

SMART Brain Training for Personal, Professional and Educational use

Dual N-Back Training Game

RaiseYourIQ Dual N-Back is a professionally developed brain training game. The dual n-back system has been proven in published research to enhance working memory. N-back task improves our working memory, in other words how many pieces of information we can keep in our head alongside our ability to control our brain's attention.

The RaiseYourIQ N-Back game has shown to have transfer effects to short term memory and on essential cognitive tasks outside of our SMART training. The dual n-back game involves remembering a sequence of a sequence of positions of a square at the same time and identifying when a position matches the one that appeared earlier.

We know that working memory is key to human cognition, and intensive cognitive training has been shown to expand our working memory capacity. N-Back training has shown to impact task-specific expansion of dual n-back abilities accompanied by changes in the relationship between working memory load and activation.