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Dr. Bryan Roche of RaiseYourIQ Comments on IQ Controversy

  • 15-Nov-2019

A recent article in the Education supplement of The Irish Times considered the thorny issue of the relationship between genes and environment in determining general intelligence. Dr. Bryan Roche, of Maynooth University and RaiseYourIQ contributed to the debate and made the case that as techniques for enhancing IQ are developed, the role of genetics is diminished. In a humanistic approach to education, our job as psychologists is to narrow the IQ distribution so that the difference between the least and most intelligent individuals is minimised. This is possible because research shows the those at the lower end often IQ scale can increase mental capacity to a greater extent than those near the top - who cannot continue to develop intellectually indefinitely. See the article here. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/education/what-makes-children-smart-genes-or-environment-1.4080624

The Academic Research Team behind RaiseYourIQ has helped to develop a widely used theory of cognitive development known as Relational Frame Theory and have harnessed the vast evidence base for this theory to deliver the most powerful brain training tool ever produced.

SMART is the only brain training tool in the world to be supported by published scientific research from several independent laboratories. No other tool has been proven in the scientific literature to significantly enhance general intelligence or educational aptitude.

The founders of RaiseYourIQ (Doctor Bryan Roche and Doctor Sarah Cassidy) have played a key role identifying how “relational skills training” impacts a person’s intellectual ability. We then devised the SMART brain training course to teach people these crucial learning skills. RaiseYourIQ have also published two experiments which show that IQ can be increased by a large amount using our method – something no other brain training company has done.