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Brain Training Can Improve IQ

Is there proof that brain training can improve IQ? Let us go through some of the scientific evidence and separate out claims from fact.

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Dr. Bryan Roche writes for The Conversation on IQ and how to increase it

We’re getting more stupid. That’s one point made in a recent article in the New Scientist, reporting on a gradual decline in IQs in developed countries such as the UK, Australia and the Netherlands. Such research feeds into a long-held fascination with testing human intelligence. Yet such debates are too focused on IQ as a life-long trait that can’t be changed. Other research is beginning to show the opposite.

IQ and happiness

Intelligent People Are Happier

A study published in the very prestigious science journal Psychological Medicine, reported that people in the higher IQ ranges (scores of 120 or more), are happier than those in the lower ranges (scores of 77-99).

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Irish School is Reaping the Benefits of Brain Training

Dr. Sarah Cassidy from RaiseYourIQ was recently invited to Confey College to address all teaching and ancillary staff to update them on the results of the school deployment of SMART brain training to-date.

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IQ Tests Are Not Fair

Learn how IQ tests measure diverse skills like memory, reasoning, and language, rather than a fixed trait.

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