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May 28, 2020

Brain Training Can Improve IQ

Improvements in relational skills can improve IQ Is there proof that brain training can improve IQ? The term brain training is a

May 11, 2020

You Can Improve IQ

You have probably heard that you cannot improve IQ.  But that is not strictly true. Can we improve IQ or is IQ fixed for lif

Apr 17, 2020

IQ and your Brain

Like an unbreakable bond, IQ and your brain are inseparable. For some, learning seems innate; mathematics seems effortless. But fo

Apr 16, 2020

Brain Exercise for Wellness

Brain exercise for wellness and mindfulness is important at any time but especially in times of stress or uncertainty. We have evo

Dec 09, 2019

Brain Training Does Work

Brain training does work despite the volume of uneducated articles you may read on so called lifestyle websites. Brain training is

Nov 15, 2019

Dr. Bryan Roche of RaiseYourIQ Comments on IQ Controversy

A recent article in the Education supplement of The Irish Times considered the thorny issue of the relationship between genes and

Nov 05, 2019

Improve Your Memory

How to improve your memory for both short- and long-term recall is not as difficult as it may appear. Yes, there are techniques to

Oct 07, 2019

Brain Training Games News

Brain training news alert. RaiseYourIQ the only scientific proven braining training games for kids, adults, dementia and ADHD invi

Oct 07, 2019

Brain Training Programs

Do Brain Training Programs work? is a question we get asked at our Psychology seminars and conferences. The first thing we always