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Aug 17, 2017

New Evidence That IQ Can Be Increased With Brain Training

A new scientific paper I produced along with Sarah Cassidy and other colleagues, published in the journal Learning and Individual

Aug 19, 2015

RaiseYourIQ Brain Training Helps Children of the JAAGO Foundation

RaiseYourIQ has made its unique on-line brain training for intellectual skills available at no cost to children of the education-f

Oct 21, 2016

Brain training increases IQ and Scholastic Ability

A new study reported at a recent Contextual Behavioral Science (Ireland) conference, found that an intensive online form of brain


Jan 01, 1970

N Back Training

N-back or dual n-back brain training is a game targeted at improving working memory and fluid intelligence. This brain game focuse

Apr 11, 2017

Brain Training Online

Brain training online is probably the best way to challenge the brain to work harder while improving memory and IQ. In the digital

Sep 19, 2018

Improve Memory

Memory is essential for intellectual functioning, so is it possible to improve memory so we can remember details or where problem

Jun 14, 2018

Which Brain Training Games actually work?

There are a number of brain training games and brain exercises like Dual N Back and SMART brain training that works to improve men


Jan 01, 1970

Brain Training For Seniors and Older Adults.

Brain Training can benefit seniors, the elderly and adults to improve cognitive abilities and maintain a sharper mind. The realit


Jan 01, 1970

Game Based Learning in the Classroom

The use of “Game Based Learning” in schools and the classroom by teachers can have a measurable effect on teaching methods and