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Nov 15, 2019

Dr. Bryan Roche of RaiseYourIQ Comments on IQ Controversy

A recent article in the Education supplement of The Irish Times considered the thorny issue of the relationship between genes and

Jun 01, 2018

IQ Tests are not fair

Research conducted by Professor Adrian M. Owen of Western University, Canada, and published in the neuroscience journal Neuron, ha

Oct 28, 2017

Independent Evidence that SMART training increases IQ

A new independent study has been published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology, Relational Frame Theory showing that

Aug 17, 2017

More Evidence That IQ Can Be Increased With SMART

A new scientific paper published in the journal Learning and Individual Differences,Brain Training Science shows that significant

Oct 21, 2016

New study finds that SMART increases IQ and Scholastic Ability

A new study reported at a recent Contextual Behavioral Science (Ireland) conference, found that an intensive online form of brain

Jan 05, 2016

SMART evidence Presentation to Association For Contextual Behavioral Science

At this year’s Australia/New Zealand annual conference for Contextual Behavioral Science, keynote speaker Dr. Bryan Roche, o

Aug 19, 2015

RaiseYourIQ Brain Training Helps Children of the JAAGO Foundation

RaiseYourIQ has made its unique on-line brain training for intellectual skills available at no cost to children of the education-f